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    packing-moving company faq
Q. How much time should I allow prior to contacting the you?
- 24 hours.
Q. How do I know what I can and cannot transfer through you?
- Our Field executive will assist you in the process.
Q. What are we suppose to do before shifting?
- We will request you to pack your very personal belongings like Cash, Ornaments, Mobile Phones, Wrist Watches, House / Office / Vehicles Keys. Switch Off your Refrigerator one day prior to defrost and rest live it for our professional team.
Q. Why do I need insurance if everything is packed?
- Item(s) can get damaged due to sudden and unavoidable circumstances like mishappening or any natural calamity in the moving route.
Q. What is insurance coverage based on?
- It is based on the declared value, which can be calculated simply with the assistance of field executive.
Q. What type of containers will be used to transport?
- Sealed Weather Proof closed and suitable Containers.
Q. How can I move my car?
- We offer specialized car carrier services to transport cars safely. We offer door to door car carrier service in which the vehicle is picked up by the professionals in this field from the door step and delivered at the informed destination safely.
Q. What is mode of contact relating to any query?
- You can call us at 09873007406 & 09311252595 or also you can e-mail us at as you feel convenient.
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